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7th October 2017
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Softwash Cleaning

[ SoftWash Cleaning ]

SoftWash solution is the ‘fully

 licensed’ non aggressive answer (Professional strength biocide) for the c

leaning of red and green algae on all exterior hard surfaces.

SoftWash gives a much longer lasting clean as the live biofilm is killed to the roots, unlike when cleaning with bleach only as bleach does not penetrate into the surface and to the root.

The SoftWash so

lution clean time thought not instant, does however give much longer

lasting results!

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[ No Harsh Chemicals ]

Our aim is to avoid the outdated damaging use of harsh chemicals and power washing, as it is now recognised that cleaning carried out aggressively will damage the finished surface and encourage much quicker organic re-growth. SoftWash Solutions uses a non-aggressive method which cleans algae, lichen and fungi from all exterior hard surfaces using the highest of professional grade biocides with a low environmental footprint, which is also user friendly and has longer lasting results than other aggregative cleaning.

SoftWash Cleaning is a highly effective process for cleaning exterior surfaces such as:

• Brick • Patios • Cladding • Signage
• Render • Playgrounds
• Conservatories • Gravestone
• Floors • Woodwork & Frames
• Upvc • Roofs • Stones • Concrete
• Driveways • Block Paving • Gutters
• Moss Removal • Tiles • K-Render